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BanjoSally 5-string banjo instructional E-book 2

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Banjo Sally'

5-String Banjo Instructional  E-Book #1

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         This E-Book starts you at the beginning!   The very beginning!


                                 Here is what I will teach you:      



          *how to hold a banjo properly in playing position

          *placing your three finger picks on your picking hand

          *posting your right hand

          *reading and understanding 5 String Banjo tablature

          *using correct fingering for picking using your index, middle and

            ring finger

          *slides on the 4th, 3rd and 1st strings

          *hammer-ons and pull-offs using open strings and between frets

          *beginning chords C and D7 and Em

          *moveable bar chords

          *moveable 4 finger chords F and D

          *rolls and exercises for your hours of practice!

          *familiar "licks" used in banjo tunes and breaks

          *beginning tune:  0'Susanah

                 *using your knowledge of slides to play Boil The Cabbage

          *using your knowledge of bar chords to play a simple version of

            Blackberry Blossom




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     PLUS- as part of your E-Book purchase, you will be emailed your

                own user name and password to access this list of banjo tunes

                and tablatures : 


Cripple Creek

Banjo In The Hollow

Buffalo Gals

Worried Man Blues

Red River Valley

Bill Cheatum

Grandfather's Clock

Wildwood Flower

Fireball Mail

Wreck Of The Ol' 97

Salt Creek

Old Joe Clark

Gold Rush

Devil's Dream

John Hardy

8th of January


Farewell Blues

Red Haired Boy

Blackberry Blossom

Shuckin' The Corn

Shenandoah Breakdown

Clinch Mt. Backstep

Lonesome Road Blues

Jed Clampett

Foggy Mt. Breakdown




And more tunes added all the time!